Kitchen Cabinet Trends: What’s Hot And What’s Not?

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the design of its cabinets plays a pivotal role in its overall aesthetics and functionality. As with any design element, kitchen cabinet trends evolve over time. In this guide, you will examine what’s currently hot and what’s not in the world of cabinet design of kitchens in Dubai.

Hot: Minimalistic cabinet designs:

Clean lines and minimalistic cabinet designs are on-trend. Flat-panel cabinets with simple, unadorned fronts offer a sleek and contemporary look. The absence of excessive detailing and ornamentation creates an uncluttered, modern feel.

Not: Ornate and intricate styles:

Ornate and intricate cabinet styles with heavy detailing and carvings are on the decline. These traditional designs are giving way to more streamlined and less fussy options.

Hot: Matte finishes:

Matte cabinet finishes are gaining popularity. They offer a sophisticated and modern look, and their non-reflective surface can help conceal fingerprints and smudges. Matte black, navy, and deep greens are particularly in vogue.

Not: High-gloss finishes:

High-gloss cabinet finishes, while still in use, are losing some ground to matte options. They can show smudges and scratches more prominently, making maintenance more challenging.

Hot: Open shelving:

Open shelving has become a trendy alternative to traditional upper cabinets. It adds a sense of airiness to the kitchen and allows for the display of dishes and decorative items. It’s particularly popular in smaller kitchens where it can make the space feel more open.

Not: Closed upper cabinets:

Fully closed upper cabinets are not as fashionable as they once were. While they are still widely used for their storage capacity, they can make a kitchen feel more enclosed and less spacious.

Hot: Dark cabinet colors:

Dark cabinet colors, such as deep blues, charcoals, and rich wood tones, are on the rise. They create a sense of drama and sophistication in the kitchen. They are often paired with lighter countertops and backsplashes for contrast.

Not: Light or white cabinets:

Light and white cabinets are not as dominant as they once were. While they still have their place, they are giving way to more bold and contrasting color choices.


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