What you can do to earn during the Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is at corner or stone’s throw to start. The whole of Dubai and UAE is busy in its preparation to earn billions and trillions of revenue and profit from it while the world is busy in making analysis and predictions how much can be earned from this mega event! However, you can become busy in this event if you want to. After all, there are so many things which you could do to benefit yourself. If you love money and crave to avail benefits from such events then go ahead. There are many ways to earn tons of money from October to April. All you need is networking and social circle.

If you have friends who can cook well, then do not sit at home. Go out, make stall near the place of event and your best-cook dishes. It will give you chance to earn lots of money every-day because people love to eat and visitors never leave a chance to have home-made traditional food! If stall looks old and cliché, so collaborate with any struggling company and get chance to earn while not doing so much effort.

Similarly, you can offer services of providing security to visitors. You can make your company that would provide security. In this way, others would get employment as well. In this way you will get not only but lots of experience which will help you to grow as leader and personality. It will then help you to make your company grow at faster rate.

Besides security and cooking, IT has been booming for years now. You can go there too. You can prepare a complete software where you can keep record of everything. Besides, you can collaborate with coming visitors and be their COMPUTER GEEK. It will result in permanent job, handsome salary and perks too.

And if you have interest in media and journalism, then go towards. Cover every news of it. Buy tripod stand and make videos of everything and upload on your blog and channels and get likes. This will help you to become the best journalist of your time and decade.

So, these are a few things which you do during Expo 2020 to earn lots of money. There are many things beside them like transportation, construction or real estate. So, do what is easy for you to do and achieve.


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