Safer methods for older individuals

Stem cell therapy for knees through prp injection on the knee is a much safer approach rather than opting for surgery. This would bode well for older individuals who look forward to living a longer life full of happiness and spending times with their children and grandchildren.

The thought of surgery being the only option: There were times when older individuals were left with no choice other than opt for surgery on their knees. It is too big of a risk to take not only for the patient but for the surgeon too. The kind of surgical procedure to be carried out depended on the extent of inflammation and injury in the joints of the knee/knees. Performing surgery on a certain area of the knee made the surgical procedure more complicated due to the fact that it is challenging for any doctor to identify the exact location of osteoarthritis of the knee. In case of a fully damaged knee, a knee replacement surgery was on cards. Knee replacement surgeries worked only for shorter periods of time.

Effectiveness of stem cell injections: Stem cell therapy for knee pain is done as a autologous treatment. Most stem cell therapies are favored amongst patients as the stem cells are collected from the patient which leaves no room for any unwanted reaction. Culturing of stem cell is a process in which a chunk of stem cells are removed from the patient in order for them to grow in the labs. It is imperative that the hospital maintain cleanliness during the procedure of stem cells. Stem cells removed from patient should be taken out in such a manner they are not exposed to the outer environment which can affect their lab results. Doctors in the lab should ensure the chemical mixed with stem cells are approved by the state otherwise it can lead to the hospital being sued and forcibly shutdown. Once injected through Platelet Rich Plasma(PRP) the stem cells develop into needed cartilage cells, suppress inflammation from preventing cartilages getting worse and lastly release proteins that are effective in slowing down cartilage degeneration.  Stem cells being injected into the knee can improve the quality of cartilages by making them thick. Although quality of cartilages have not been consistently proven due to varying results for example factors such as rehabilitation of the knee.


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