What do you know about parking management systems?

Like every other service, parking management system is also a service that work systematically but no one knows about it and their workers. They just know where they have to go and park the car but unaware about the effort which these humans make. Its sad and bitter reality. However, don’t get sad because this article can tell you everything about car parking management system.

Parking management system: parking management system is a detailed and long service that provides assistance to drivers and people in parking the car systematically. They are present in shopping malls, buildings and large parking areas to assist you because they know that parking a car is another hectic task. They have large staff that consist of guards, money collectors, parking assistant, accountant, peons, complaint registrar and many others. They all work together to the whole system. Thus what you see as valet car parking system in Dubai also comes under the umbrella of parking management system in Dubai.

Types of parking management system: The system has developed a lot. It was a time when it was completely made and run by humans but, now, there are companies which have machines and software to run the whole system.

Human assisted parking management system: This system has humans in every sectors. The humans are tasked to collect money, file complaints, assist in parking and let them exit. The system is in use a lot today, still, because it is cheaper. Yet, the chances of having corruption and wrongdoings are more in it which make the system doubtful.

Machine assisted parking management system: They use machine like, machine blocks and automatic receipt giver and money taker, to make system and service easy to avail. However, humans are appointed in it. There are companies where humans are required to sit beside machine to guide people who come to park their cars. Besides, there are humans who stand in different sections to guide them where to park the car.

Software assisted parking management system: This system requires the minimum number of humans. In this system, a person has to download software to be able to the area to park the car. The software tells them when to pay and how to pay and once they pay the money, the software guides them where to park the car.

The system has great advantages. It makes the parking as easy as ABC. So, that’s what I can tell you about parking management system. Hope it has increase your knowledge and crave you more to know about it.


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