Types of POS systems

Well we all that POS systems are quite important for our business. This is because POS or Point Of Sale systems help us to maintain the cash flow and inventory record. It also enable us to build healthy relationship with our clients by catering them in the best way. But just having a POS system is not enough as the world is moving towards more and more advanced technology, in the similar way POS systems have also evolved since past few years and had become more advanced. So it is quite essential to choose the latest system with best features in order to handle all your POS related tasks efficiently.

Another point which is also very essential is the selection of most appropriate POS software in Dubai. There are multiple options regarding this aspect among which Revel systems Dubai is quite popular because of its easy operability and advanced features. In this article we will discuss some of the main types of POS systems so that you would be able to choose the best one as per your requirement.

Mobile version

This type of POS system is ideal for small businesses like a small retail shop where you would not have sufficient space to place a complete desktop POS system. In this version you can either use a smartphone, tablet or any other portable electronic device. Mobile POS systems also offer multiple hardware connections so that you could attach other devices like credit card machine, barcode scanners, receipt printers or whatsoever depending upon your requirement.

Desktop version

On the other hand if you are running a comparatively larger business where a proper cash flow system is required then it is recommended to go with the desktop version of POS system as it will provide an organized management. You can enter all your information in detailed form like inventory, customer record, sales report and much more. Other systems could be attached with it like cash drawer, credit card machine and barcode scanner etc.

All in one version

Well this type of system is the combination of both versions discussed earlier and is ideal for managing multiple tasks at the same time. It also allow to run several linked stores together and is best for chain business. It’s features are also advanced which help to maintain an upgraded record about every information whether it is related to your inventory, customers or sales.


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