Sik Silk- Questions and Answers

This article is basically about Sik Silk, which is a UK based brand of clothing that incorporates sportswear as well as casual wear by which the latest urban culture of wear is influenced.

In this article, we will be discussing some question and answers related to Sik Silk. So, if you are interested, you may proceed and read the following article.

Can you order through the telephone?

No. You cannot order through the telephone. This is so because the Sik Silk cares for the security of their customers. This is why they ask them to place their order online as it is highly secure.

If you have any issue placing your order online then you should contact them and they would definitely help you.

Can you change your order?

Yes, luckily you have this option where you can change your order. But, there is a condition and that is you have to be very quick. Once you order is delivered from the warehouse, it would be hard for Sik Silk to change your order.

Can you track your order?

Yes, Sik Silk gives you this opportunity where you can track your order. After the shipping of your order, you get an email along with the tracking link. Open that link and you will know where your parcel has reached.

Can you change your delivery address?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Once you enter the details and finish giving your order, all your details are forwarded to the next department. So, it is quite impossible that you change your address. However, at the time of ordering, you should decide which address you should give.

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