Reasons of increased elevator maintenance during winters

Winters can be tough months especially for elevators because there is a lot of mechanics going on which needs to be kept an eye on closely. Most of the people ignore or are completely unaware of the maintenance which elevators require which can cause a lot of trouble and unexpected repair shutdown which can affect the routinely tasks. There is several equipment which residential or even commercial elevator owners will require from platform lift suppliers in Dubai in order to ensure smooth maintenance. Here’s how:

  • Changes in temperature

In winters it is common for the temperature inside to be higher than outside because of all the heaters and different safety options which you aim for. But due to these changes in the temperature, the elevators can be highly affected as the temperature in the elevator and elevator shaft must be the same as the building or else condensation may start to build up. We all know moisture isn’t good for electrics and when this builds up in the elevator, it may cause failure and shut down.

  • Slip and fall

Most of the times in winter it rains or it snows which means that the passengers will be coming in with puddles in their feet and while they wait for the elevator to open up, the puddle may seep into elevator’s door sills which is dangerous as it could lead to equipment failure such as elevator door troubles which won’t fully open or shut. Not only this but puddles can be dangerous for any passenger as it may lead to a slip which is more hazardous than anything.

  • Lubrication

If it isn’t raining or snowing this simply means, there is close to no humidity in air which can lead to dry air. This dry air can mess up with functionality of the elevator by creating friction as it goes up and down. The right way to prevent this would be to lubricate the rails adequately that it prevents friction and enables smooth functioning. An ideal temperature is also recommended which may vary depending on your geographical location and its climate.

There are other different reasons as to why elevators may require maintenance such as elevator shafts acting like chimney, or the doors getting jammed for different reasons and sometimes even noise pollution. The good part is that, this all can be easily managed with some maintenance.

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