Importance of compliance

Spas that are involved in the services of facial in Abu Dhabi alongwith  the best practices in manicure and pedicure throughout Abu Dhabi need to realize the importance of legalizing their business. Failure in doing so would land the Spa in trouble with the law.

Running the Spa legally: Spas should come to an understanding that they can be sued should they not be deemed to be satisfactory for customers.  To avoid getting into a legal case a spa should understand the perspective of customers regarding cleanliness of spas. It is vital that a spa be aware of a customer’s  right when it comes to asking a nail technician about the process of sterilizing the equipments and inquire how  foot basins are cleaned. To avoid getting into trouble legally a spa should regulate polices for making it mandatory of customers to bring in their own tools.

The onus is on customers: Customer have to make sure they do not  enter the spa with an open wound or rash which can  lead to the spa being infected. Customers have to understand that the Spa finds it challenging to deal with breakdowns of skin barriers which are the root causes of infection post manicure and pedicure sessions.

Facial treatments for individuals from film industries: Visiting an aesthetician for facial treatment improve an individual’s presentation in front of the general public particularly those from the film industry. Actors and actresses tend to stress over their aging skins which explains why the most of them opt for plastic surgeries. Celebrities can avoid  expensive plastic surgeries by taking time out of their busy schedules and paying a visit to an aesthetician. Aestheticians do a great job of making aging celebrities look younger through natural remedies at hand. While working on getting a celebrity’s facial treated they do keep them notified regarding any skin problems that would be taken care of instantly. An Aesthetician tends to have an anti- aging mindset when dealing with a certain celebrity.

No room for mistakes: It is imperative that the owner of a particular spa should make sure he or she hires a certified professional when it comes to facial treatments for stalwarts in the film industry. Failure in doing so would cause the spa to not only pay a hefty fine but also make headlines for all the wrong reasons.


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