How to Become a Hacker

A hacker is a person who will get into your computer by a programable virus and you won’t even know it and he/she can get some personal or sensitive data out of it. Not only your personal computers but the hackers have hacked some big companies as well and they demand for ransom and sometimes the hackers get on the verge of blackmailing people. There are two kinds of hackers; white hat hackers also known as the ethical hackers. These are the hackers that will do legal hacking. You must be thinking is hacking even legal but for example, you have a company which is earning good and a hacker hacks your system saying that they need cash otherwise they will shut down the company for good. Now you can ask the police to help you and the police will have some hackers who will hack the hacker and even reveal the hacker.

Then there are black hat hackers, these are hackers that will hack for their own reasons or just upon someone’s asking. A white hat hacker can earn in millions in a month and a black hat hacker can earn as much as he/she can. But it is recommended that you become a white hat hacker, first you need to gain some computer knowledge. The whole web is made up of a code and on the whole internet there are other websites. There are some programming languages you need to learn. You must be thinking that why you need to learn about programming and coding before becoming a hacker. Consider this example that you have made a map of a jail and only you know the secret ins and outs of the jail, so just like that you will be able to see the loop holes in the site when you make it. You can buy any antivirus software and the best antivirus for MAC.

Or ask any of your developer friend to make you a site and leave some loop in it on purpose and if you get successful, you will be able to hack more advanced sites. You can take some exams and tests as well or get some education about hacking. Believe it or not but there are many institutes who teach hacking and those students are watched over very closely.


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