Disadvantages of Opening a Restaurant

There are many advantages of opening a restaurant like we all know that food is a thing that no one can live without, people can go without wearing clothes or without homes but people cannot survive without eating at all. That is why is considered as the best business but since everything has some cons that is why this business also has some major cons as well. We are not discouraging the new business people but this is written just to make you aware of the things that you will be facing and if you knew about the problems then maybe it will be easy for you to get a solution of them earlier before they appear.

The first problem is huge investment. Only if you have a huge investment, only then you will be able to open a small hotel. No doubt that there are small restaurants and they run successfully as well but requires a lot of eye keeping. For example, you have a small restaurant which means that there will small corners which you have to keep clean at all times and if you don’t keep the restaurant clean. Any govt food authority will come and seal the place unless you the fine that has be imposed on you. And even though if you are earning hundreds per day, the food authority people don’t see that they just impose fine on your restaurant of thousands of dirhams which can become sometimes very difficult to pay.

The big and huge hotels get away with fine, either they can pay or sometimes they have insider people who can get rid of the fines. But not all of us are that lucky and if you don’t have any person inside the food authority or the govt, you will have to pay the fine and then restart your hotel. Then there is a saying that goes, customer is god and god is always right, even though if the customer has said something to order and he/she had something else in mind, still it will be hotel’s mistake and then the whole dish will be either wasted or given to somebody else. And a lot of time gets wasted on the blame game. You can visit many fine dining Indian restaurants in Dubai and many have ladies night Monday in Dubai as well.


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