Disadvantages of Becoming a Wedding Planner

People thing that being a wedding planner is easy. But the thing is that this might be the most difficult task of all time. Let’s say that you are a wedding planner and you have been planning a wedding for a rich family and everything is going according to them. And when the days are near, the bride or the groom says to change the color of the roses and the carpets as well. Now, imagine, you will have limited time and then you will have to make sure to that the requirement is fulfilled. Such people will keep throwing money on you and expect that you walk on their track. Let’s say that they first ordered yellow roses a month back, and it is easy to get yellow roses a month before, now the couple wants red roses and the wedding is after one week only.

Now the stakes are high and you don’t want to get your reputation bad as well. that is why you will contact each and every florist to get you the kind of flowers they want and there were times and recorded in history that the kids of rich made the wedding planners bring flowers from different countries. Now imagine, what kind of tension will the wedding planner will be in when they didn’t get the flowers. Most wedding planners, even if they earned millions of dirhams each year, still they said that wedding planners don’t have a life. Because they don’t even have a Sunday off for them which means literally no weekends. Because people are so busy in their lives that they have to pick a date to get married and they have to pick a date when the relatives and the friends can come, that is why the wedding planner have to be with them the whole time.

Which also means that no family time. Then there is not only physical but there is mental hard work as well. People think that wedding planners just have to order around but this is where they are wrong, the wedding planners have to stay inside the helper’s home in order them to work in an efficient way or else most employees of this category stand around and waste time. You can hire any company of events and entertainment in Dubai and hire any wedding entertainment in Dubai.


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