canadian school abu dhabi fees

When it comes to Canadian School in Abu Dhabi, parents need to take the fees of the Canadian School in Abu Dhabi into consideration. Parents need to handle their financial matters wisely to enroll their kids into schools.

Thinking long term: The onus is on parents to manage their finances carefully in order to pay school fees. For instance parents are well settled with their jobs until there is a economic crisis and as a result unemployment starts rising. This would leave parents stuck and figuring out ways to pay their children’s school fees. This goes on to show that parents should not just stick to relying on cash flowing from their salaries rather at the same save up money and invest into different schemes. Parents can take out a portion  from their savings account and invest in the stock exchange market, in crypto currency and lastly buy properties in order to rent them out. At least in this manner parents are getting consistent source of cash flowing which can be used to pay school fees. Finding a way out of taxes be it direct or indirect taxes can do parents a favor when it comes to saving up. If parents feel they are not able to generate income from any source in order to catch up to school fees then they would unfortunately have to take a loan from the bank.

Waiving of fees: There are many reasons for schools to waive fees. Some school offer discounts when the school fees are paid in a lump sum upfront. Whether parents want to enroll their child into a private or a state owned school, both offers waiving of fees in the form of scholarships. What’s even better is that scholarships are not only awarded to students who fit certain criteria’s but their chances improve of getting scholarship in case of disabilities.

Automating the schooling structure: Should schools look to automate their working place as well as introduce machine learning and robots can play a crucial role in reducing the cost of operating the school. The end result would be possible reduction in school fees. There is a reason private schools have higher fees than state owned schools, it’s all business for them and private schools are trying to outperform each other. Private schools have to pay hefty amounts for hiring quality teachers too.


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